At Bariatric RD Services we are interested in helping you reach your goals and provide information so that you can make the right decisions.

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Personalized Plan

Having Bariatric Weight Loss surgery is a tool to achieve the weight loss you want. At Bariatric Registered Dietitian Services we help you through the individual issues that have lead you to your unwanted weight such as emotional eating, time constraints, or needing to understand the nutritional aspect of what good nutrition does for your body.

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Having Bariatric Weight loss surgery is a big step in changing your weight and ultimately, in changing your life.

But, it is not the only change that needs to be made to reach your weigh loss goals.

Patients who have dietary counseling before and after surgery are ultimately more successful in changing their diet when it comes to diet, food consistency, quantity of food and nutrients that they need. This all adds up to loosing the weight they wanted to loose and staying healthy.

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Let me help you

With Pre-surgery consultation as per insurance guidelines, I prepare patients with the tools for a successful outcome.  As an experienced dietitian, I will prepare you with an action plan for pre-surgery as well as during and post-surgery.

I will guide you to set the needed behavioral goals even before the surgery so that you understand and establish new behaviors as part of the postoperative long-term results.

When you consult with me before, during and aftter your surgery, you will experience full mastery of a new life habit plan.  This will ensure a patient who is happy and healthy with their new body and mind.



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